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Patricia Studer, PSY.D (licensed clinical psychologist), and Anna Jones, LPC (licensed professional counselor), and Michael Holland (Ph.D., LPC-S, LADAC-RS, AADC, CCDP-D, IAADC, ICCDP-D) offer a full range of counseling services for life's hurts and challenges.:


Our confidential, pleasant atmosphere provides a setting for individual therapy with a licensed clinical psychologist, or a licensed professional counselor. Both have many years of experience and unique skills to help  you find resolution to a broad range of personal, or marriage and family issues.  

Anna Jones, M.ED, LPC

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Anna Jones has been a Licensed Professional Counselor since 1990.  With nearly 30 years of experience in NWA, she has been a therapist for a wide range of issues, often focusing on relationship difficulties, one of the most common reasons people seek counseling. 


Other issues include, but are not limited to: depression, conflict resolution, step-family challenges, toxic memories, effects of abuse, behavior problems of children, workplace frustrations, grief and loss.


Patricia Studer, PSY.D, Licensed Clinical Psychologist 


Patricia can be reached at: 479-466-4503
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Live your best life now! Dr. Studer's practice is adult oriented; she also works with older teens, couples, families and seniors. A variety of approaches using recognized theory and techniques from cognitive behavioral (CBT), psychodynamic and interperonal (IT) theories are utilized. Input and preferences from clients is welcome and considered necessary for the best possible result. Goal setting is mutual in this collaborative appraoch. Effort is made for you to feel comfortable and valued while doing this important work.


Use the links below to learn more about Patricia, her education, and her practice:


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( You can find her under "Find a Therapist."

Michael W. Holland, Ph.D., LPC-S, LADAC-RS, AADC


Michael can be reached at: 479-466-4503

I have found adversity and peace in my lifetime, so I know struggles are real – but people can overcome! I became a counselor to help others do just that. I specialize in working with adolescents and adults who have substance use and/or other mental health disorders (co-occurring disorders). I practice client centered and client driven counseling. I use a variety of approaches with emphasis on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I also provide supervision to counselors in training to become a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and counselors in training to become a Licensed Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselor (LADAC) in the state of Arkansas. For more information, please go here:



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